Google launched Helpouts

Google Helpouts is a market for live video lessons from subject matter experts vetted by Google, rated and reviewed by previous customers. Think of  paying per minute or per session for a video chat with a subject matter expert. Have a plumbing question? Start up a video call using your cell phone with an expert who can see your issue, and guide you through to success.

Jareau AlmeydaGoogle launched Helpouts

Breakthrough in Battery Power: Microbatteries

Mechanical science and engineering professor William P. King has been leading a group of researchers and scientists that have developed the most powerful microbattery ever documented. reports the microbatteries are just a “few millimeters in size, yet they pack such a punch that a driver could use a cell phone powered by these [micro]batteries to jump-start a dead car battery – and then recharge the phone in the blink of an eye.”

Jareau AlmeydaBreakthrough in Battery Power: Microbatteries