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What Are “Mid-Tech” jobs?

The Brookings Institute notes that “a surprisingly large share of classic tech jobs are actually quite accessible to workers without a bachelor’s degree”. These “mid-tech” jobs relate to the middle-skill level jobs of the “high-tech” industry.

Just to be clear, getting a job in the high-tech industry doesn’t necessarily require a bachelor’s degree in computer science. In fact, Brookings found that out of nearly 1 million workers in a group of computer and math related jobs (like computer network architects, network support specialists, and computer systems analysts), about 350,000 of those employees do not have a bachelor’s degree. Places like the Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL region have nearly 1,200 mid-tech jobs, out of the 3,200 computer and math jobs surveyed by Brookings – that’s 37%. The New York Daily News reports that in 2016, 52% of those employed as Computer Network Architects did not hold a Bachelor’s Degree.

Project Coordinator job posting for Siemens on LinkedIn

Mid-Tech Jobs aren’t classified as “mid-tech”, but they do exist.

At the more entry level, one “Project Coordinator” role for Siemens, a global conglomerate worth about 96 billion dollars, lists the education requirement at High School Diploma.

In short: Mid-tech jobs can be your key to unlocking the door of a career in the high-tech industry – and, no, you don’t have to be a programmer 🙂

Go for it!

Jareau AlmeydaWhat Are “Mid-Tech” jobs?

If Social Advertising Is Not a Hard Sell, What Is It?

You and your friends are at a local street fair. There’s food, there are games; people are taking pictures, there’s a bit of music, maybe some art… etc. You’ve been to those kinds of street fairs, they’re a great way to spend an afternoon.

So you and your friends are talking, presumably about things that interest you – after all, you are friends, which implies you have some things in common. And in the middle of your social experience, someone approaches you personally and says:

Jareau AlmeydaIf Social Advertising Is Not a Hard Sell, What Is It?

Process Implementation: Run before you can walk?

As a business, we want to run, fast… and from day 1.

But, what happens if we run when we’re not ready to start running? We fall. We get hurt. We take people down with us. We show everyone around us that is watching that we’re anxious, and not fully in control.

This is critical. Perception builds trust. Trust builds relationships. Relationships are profitable. 

Jareau AlmeydaProcess Implementation: Run before you can walk?