To Monetize or not to Monetize with Google Adsense?

So I decided to monetize using Google Adsense. I wanted to keep it as simple and unobtrusive as possible, so I went with Google Adsense. I started with the square image based ad, and tucked it into what I think is a nice corner of the site.  
At some point I’d like to move into video and rich media ads. Oh, and since revenue is generated either a per-click or per-impression basis, I’m going to need you guys to do some clicking 🙂

Here’s how I did it:

The Adsense Account you’re gonna need one. Get it.

If you need help, go here:

Spend some time here. Add you full contact info, including payment info, you’ll want to get paid. After all, why else do this?

Make note of the Publisher ID at the top of your screen.

Ok, so let’s keep this simple, and move on to the next step.

The Adsense Code Generator  This is a pretty straight forward tool. Fill in the proper fields, make your selections, and copy the code.

The Sidebar (widget)

I used the standard Text/HTML widget that comes with WordPress. I wasn’t interested in downloading and installing a gimmicky plugin, especially considering I like simplicity. I pasted the Adsense code from the generator, saved, and checked the live site. It worked. And it’s not very intrusive. I like it.


That’s it. It was fairly easy, although, there are lots of options with Adsense, even entire books written on the subject. Personally, I

Jareau AlmeydaTo Monetize or not to Monetize with Google Adsense?