Disney wants to know your kids name.

Lots of people think Tracking and Data Collection is a scary thing. Take this scenario, for example:

  • Sir, what’s your first name?
    • “My first name is Jim, but… why do you ask?”
  • And, is your car a 2 door, or a 4 door?
    • “I’m not comfortable telling you if I drive a sedan or a coupe, frankly, I don’t understand what that has to do with getting an oil change, and, why do you need my name?”

Is Jim being a little paranoid with his personal data?  That’s not too far from the truth at today’s modern auto repair shops. People are afraid, indeed. Enter Disney.


The New York Times recently put out an article which outlines a plan by Disney that would enable a real life Snow White to greet your little girl with “Hi Samantha! Today is your birthday!!!”.

If you are afraid of data, I guess you’ll miss out on seeing your 6 year olds eyes light up. Otherwise, that’s pretty cool stuff. It’s sure to lend itself to plenty of great moments captured on video and in photos.

Now imagine walking the disney park and not having to carry a wallet. You little boy wants some cotton candy, just tap your wrist band, and the $18.95 gets charged to your room. No need for cash, coins, a receipt, nada. Don’t have a room because you live in Orlando, ok, it gets charged to your credit card. Simple. (did you miss the 19 dollar cotton candy?)

This technology isn’t that far from the ID badge you have with you at work every single day. It buzzes you into certain areas of the office, and does not allow you into other areas, such as the Server Room. But that’s safe, right? Because it’s work, and you trust them. Disney is simply brining it to the masses… all 120 million of it’s yearly global park visitors. And, if you ask me, I totally trust Snow White.

Take a look at the article, and, if you have some time, peruse the articles comments. There’s some good stuff in there.

Jareau AlmeydaDisney wants to know your kids name.