Will Tomorrow’s Leaders Learn from Gaffs Made by Today’s Leaders?

Remember last year when Rep. Anthony Weiner creepily tweeted a picture of his undies to a college student? Or when Rep. Christopher Lee resigned after sending a shirtless picture of him flexing to a woman on Craigslist? Then there’s David Petraeus, the former CIA director was caught in an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, where the FBI found a number of inappropriate communications on the couple’s anonymous Gmail accounts.

Today’s youth should learn from this, though, there will be a few who won’t. Like Ricky Catanzaro, 16, of Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, who not only won’t soon forget his lesson, the Internet won’t let him forget.

At some point today’s youth will grow into tomorrow’s business leaders, team members, teachers, police, doctors, politicians, and even our next president.

The question is: Are you, and/or your children, working towards building an online identity free of these damaging incidents?

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Jareau AlmeydaWill Tomorrow’s Leaders Learn from Gaffs Made by Today’s Leaders?